Workshops and Presentations

Elizabeth Koehler-Pentacoff is available for author-led workshops and presentations! Use the form on this page to contact us if you’d like to arrange for Elizabeth to appear at your library, bookstore, or other venue.

Author Presentation: Rosemary Kennedy Q&A

Duration: 60 minutes

In this presentation, Elizabeth shares her relationship with Rosemary Kennedy, and delves into some of the issues surrounding Rosemary’s place in American history, the quality of care for mental illness for Rosemary and for our country, the reasons Rosemary’s father chose to lobotomize her, and the ways that immense good has come from Rosemary’s tragic life.

This presentation is a truly unique experience.

Writers’ Workshop: Writing a Memoir

Duration: 90 minutes

This workshop focuses on the craft of writing an effective memoir. Elizabeth will cover the importance of memoirs, finding your theme, inspiring your memory, drawing your readers into your story, and learning how to find publishers for your work.

Aspiring memoir writers, don’t miss this!

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