“A truly inspiring story. You managed to capture my Aunt Rosie’s spirit so well. I especially love how it intertwines the stories about Rosie and the author’s aunt Stella. And it provides great glimpses of the author’s experience with them.”
Anthony Shriver

“Aunt Rosemary inspired so many to work against injustice and ignorance. Her struggle and her immense legacy will be felt and celebrated by reading this exceptional book.”
Bobby Shriver

“A prayerful, insightful, and compassionate soul, Sister Paulus seems to represent the very best traditions of the religious life. The author had access to her aunt’s private notes, which, enriched by research at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and elsewhere, offer an authoritative and detailed look at the life of the one Kennedy who has always been the least known . . . The author’s girlhood reminiscences of visiting Rosie and her family stories add a unique dimension to her book, as do the many photos of Rosie enjoying her life with Sister Paulus and the nuns at St ,Coletta and seeing visitors such as Rose Kennedy, Eunice Kennedy Shriver and her son Anthony Shriver, Ted Kennedy, and Jean Kennedy Smith . . . The book’s value lies in its revelations about an essential part of the Kennedy family history that has long been unknown . . . The Missing Kennedy shows Rosemary’s legacy to be far-reaching indeed as we continue to learn how to treat those ‘least among us,’ the intellectually disabled, with compassion, respect, and dignity as did Sister Paulus and the nuns of St. Coletta’s, starting long ago.”
Catholic News Service, Nancy L. Roberts

“Reveals an untold chapter in the Kennedy saga . . . shows how knowledge of Rosie’s disability led to the founding of the Special Olympics by Eunice Kennedy . . . interesting glimpses into one member of the Kennedy clan who was almost lost to her family.”
Kirkus Reviews

“The Missing Kennedy: Rosemary Kennedy and the Secret Bonds of Four Women is an insightful and poignant memoir, based in part on Sister Paulus’ private notes and augmented by over one-hundred never-before-seen photos, as Elizabeth Koehler-Pentacoff recalls the many happy and memorable times spent with the missing Kennedy. Candid, intimate, detailed, inherently fascinating, and impressively well written from beginning to end, The Missing Kennedy: Rosemary Kennedy and the Secret Bonds of Four Women is a compelling read and will prove to be of immense interest for anyone interested in the Kennedy family.”
Midwest Book Review

“Poignantly discloses our nation’s shortcomings, both historically and contemporarily, when it comes to understanding the mentally ill and intellectually challenged. Also reveals the dearth of research concerning the women of the Kennedy family, which pales in comparison to the body of work focused on its men . . . Koehler-Pentacoff’s book offers an intimate glance at the sheltered life that Rosemary lived while her glamorous family grew in prestige and power . . . Heads in the welcome direction of telling the largely untold story of Rosemary Kennedy, and the story of the intellectually challenged and their allies in the fight to place them as equal members of society.”
Irish America

“Utterly fascinating book.  Go buy it!”
Pat Thurston, KGO Radio, San Francisco

“Anyone in the world who’s interested in the famous Kennedy family will find this fascinating memoir to be essential reading. Rosemary Kennedy was the least known member of the family but, it turns out, one of the most significant in the big scheme of things. If you don’t read The Missing Kennedy, you won’t know a critical and enlightening part of the Kennedy story.”
Dr. Abe Bortz, American Historian

“Such a touching book!”
People Magazine

Fascinating story!
BBC World News Service (Claire Marshall, “Newsday”)

“This is an important and encouraging book. The author tells the story of Rosemary Kennedy (1918-2005) from a personal perspective. In this remarkable account, the grace of God ripples through the pages . . . The author was given a deeper sense of appreciation for the handicapped and what it means to love sacrificially as her aunt loved. Rosie’s handicaps became blessings, making those around her better. She taught them how to love. She taught our culture how to care . . . The Missing Kennedy is full of photos, many from the author’s private collection. Rosie becomes, in the end, the center of the family. We are all better for her having lived, reminding us that the Rosies of our world have a place in the heart of our culture. We are better, too, for Ms. Koehler-Pentacoff’s heartwarming memoir of Rosemary Kennedy’s life.”
Christine Sutherland, Managing Editor, American Church Union, The Publishing House of the Anglican Province of Christ the King

“The Missing Kennedy: Rosemary Kennedy and the Secret Bonds of Four Women is a remarkable biography about a little-known member of the celebrated and politically powerful Kennedy family. The Missing Kennedy is a testimonial grounded in the private notes of Sister Paulus and author Elizabeth Koehler-Pentacoff’s personal visits to Rosie. Nearly one hundred never-before-seen black-and-white photographs round out this unforgettable true-life story.”
The Biography Shelf (Midwest Book Review)

“This true history will touch you. It vividly highlights the faith of two Catholic families, one of which the Kennedy family fundamentally changed the way we regard and treat the developmentally challenged. Optimistic and inspirational, it has universal and important themes and an emphasis on Catholic faith.”
Mary Woods, Host, “The Archbishop’s Hour,” 104.5FM, Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico

“Rosie Kennedy’s tragic story is a moving tribute to selflessness. It is also a timely reminder of Mental Health Month — May.”
Sacramento Bee

“Utterly fascinating book. Go buy it!”
Pat Thurston,  “Ronn Owens Show,” KGO Radio, San Francisco

“Written by the niece of one of Rosemary’s caretakers at St. Coletta, The Missing Kennedy is a story of both tragedy and inspiration. And it is absolutely fascinating!”
Jim Peck, Host, “I Remember”, Milwaukee Public Television