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“Ms. Pentacoff’s presentation was like a history lesson, with personal details, humorous stories, and an important message regarding mental health treatment.  Our fundraiser was a sell-out event and we could not have done it without her help.”

“Elizabeth Koehler-Pentacoff’s author talk at the Foster City Library was engaging and eye-opening, introducing our patrons to a Rosemary Kennedy that few rarely had the honor of glimpsing.  The photographs and stories that she shared were memorable and I am so pleased that Elizabeth was able to come and share her story at our library!”

“My children’s literature students really enjoyed the class visit with Elizabeth Koehler-Pentacoff.  She blended her life experience with excellent writing tips for prospective authors.  Several students quoted her directly in their essays since she helped them to figure out how to tackle their creative projects.  Her humor and vitality kept the class riveted the whole time.”

“I have been hearing non-stop great comments about Elizabeth Koehler-Pentacoff’s book talk here in Watertown, WI. I am serious when I say that you could hear a pin drop when Elizabeth was describing Rosie’s early life, the lobotomy, and Rosie’s subsequent care. I found it fascinating, educational, and emotional. Thank you for being a part of a special evening!”

“The audience, clearly moved by the entire presentation, formed a long line as they chatted, waiting for their copy of Koehler-Pentacoff’s latest book to be signed.”

“Ms. Koehler-Pentacoff’s presentation was engaging and enjoyed by all that attended. The pictures used were informative and touching. They helped the audience to better understand the story of Rosemary Kennedy and mental health in our country.”

“What a joy to work with Elizabeth Koehler-Pentacoff!  We had great communication prior to her visit to Oshkosh, where she did speaking engagements at several events.  She was professional, approachable and gracious . . . and most importantly, the audiences loved her!  One of the easiest authors I’ve worked with in my 15 plus years of programming; I highly recommend her as a presenter.”

“She was engaging and articulate and the audience was captivated!”

“As moving as it was informative. I was still thinking about Rosie Kennedy’s life story days after Elizabeth Koehler-Pentacoff’s presentation of The Missing Kennedy.

“Elizabeth is a wonderful speaker and her story compelling.”

“She held the entire room in awe for the entire time and was effective in communicating a powerful message about how we all can do more to support mental health in our communities.”

“Her presentation was excellent and very informative.”

“Liz did a great job and everyone really enjoyed her presentation!  I always know an author talk/presentation is successful when people don’t want to leave when it’s done. Everyone wanted to talk more with her and share their own stories.”

“Ms. Koehler-Pentacoff’s Keynote address at the 2015 Southeast WI Festival of Books was a crowd-drawing highlight of our event. Her presentation of THE MISSING KENNEDY gave depth and insight into the very private world of the Kennedys, while sharing Rosemary’s story with compassion, dignity and love. A beautiful tribute not only to Rosemary Kennedy, but Ms. Koehler-Pentacoff’s aunt, who touched the lives of so many.”

Elizabeth Koehler-Pentacoff details the relationship her aunt, Stella Koehler (Sister Paulus Koehler), had with the legendary Kennedy family, and particularly that of Rosemary, to whom Sister Paulus was caregiver for 35 years. In this warm, often tragic, but always compelling memoir, the reader shares in the joys and the heartbreak of Rosie’s struggle with developmental disabilities, her father’s consequential decision to have her lobotomized, and the Kennedy family’s continuing efforts to advance the lives of those with special needs.

Based in part on her childhood memories and with Sister Paulus’ private notes, and augmented by dozens of never-before-seen photos, Elizabeth Koehler-Pentacoff recalls the many happy and memorable times spent with the “missing Kennedy.”